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About Restaurant

Villa Dei Fiori is a gourmet Italian cuisine restaurant with impeccable service, wide wine list and luxurious interior.

The enchanting atmosphere of the Villa Dei Fiori restaurant is filled with a special sense of monumental luxury.

The institution is united by a single ideology, many years of experience, a high level of service, attention to detail and a sensitive attitude towards each guest, which rightfully deserves such a high assessment.

The Villa Dei Fiori restaurant, which has long won the title of one of the most famous and respected establishments of the southern capital, provides a unique opportunity to discover the world of gourmet cuisine, in which elements of culinary art are intertwined in the original signature dishes of the chef.

The Villa Dei Fiori restaurant, within the framework of the first republican competition of restaurant and hotel business specialists "HoReCa AWARDS 2018", received the highest award due to its special combination of traditions and high-quality approach.

The restaurant's wine list is the largest one presented in Kazakhstan. More than 1000 labels: from popular democratic wines to rare and exclusive items.

Three halls, three atmospheres: the first and the main one - with classic furnishings reminiscent of the inimitable atmosphere of Italian charm.

The second Peppoli room, decorated in warm colors and flooded with sunlight, provides guests with a sense of calm and homeliness.

And the third, for small events, perfect for a sophisticated private reception.

A spacious summer terrace with pools, immersed in greenery and the scent of roses, greets guests with reverence and gloss, where every detail of the interior suggests that refined taste, respectability and attention to accents rule here.

The Villa Dei Fiori restaurant is undoubtedly the leading party in the restaurant world of Almaty.

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+7 701 973 33 33

+7 778 083 33 33


Monday Sunday

From 12:00 to 01:00

Almaty, ave. Al-Farabi, 140-a,

050000, Kazakhstan

© 2023 Restaurant

"Villa dei Fiori".

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